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Graceful Touch Massage Therapy brings compassion, comfort and convenience to every massage. The impeccable care and attention you receive during and after your massage is like no other. Hot towels are included with every massage to help enhance the service you receive. Because scent is so closely tied to memory and experience, carefully selected essential oils are diffused throughout the entire treatment room to induce immediate relaxation upon entering.

Prices subject to change with out notice.
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“Had my first massage this morning and my neck, shoulders, and lower back feel so relaxed and free! Grace definitely has a graceful touch” and just made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Thanks, girl!! I cannot wait for my next one! “


I’ve never had facial cupping until I started seeing Grace. We did a series of biweekly visits for 8 visits and after the second visit I noticed some amazing changes. My skin felt more firm and softer and my lips felt more plump! Not only did I notice, but my husband noticed right away as well. I continue to recommend Grace for massage and now for the added service of facial cupping. Thank you Grace!


Massage Experiences

Melt Away

PAMPER yourself with an Exfoliating Body Brushing followed by a HOT Synergy Stone massage, your choice of aromatherapy massage oil, a relaxing sugar foot scrub and foot massage, warm paraffin foot treatment then finished with a relaxing15-minute peppermint scalp massage.

$205 for 120 min.


My Favorite Things

INDULGE yourself with a 70-minute relaxation massage, your choice of aromatherapy massage oil, a relaxing sugar foot scrub and foot massage finished with a warm paraffin foot treatment.

$165 for 100 min.


Graceful Bliss

RELAX and exhale with a 60-minute relaxation massage, your choice of aromatherapy massage oil and 20 minutes of foot reflexology.

$125 for 80 min.




The Therapeutic Touch Massage

Need help managing chronic aches and pain? Whether you’ve pulled a muscle or simply need a more advanced approach, a therapeutic massage can help you achieve your goals. I utilize a variety of advanced techniques including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Hydrotherapy, and Muscle Energy Techniques to help resolve the underlying issue, not just treat the symptoms.

$110 for 70 min.

$130 for 90 min.

Deep Pressure Massage

If you’re looking for a more aggressive approach to break up extreme tightness and tension in the deeper layers of your muscles, consider booking my Deep Pressure Massage. Regardless of your preferred level of pressure, my massage has a way of putting you at ease and getting into those deeper areas that others can’t quite seem to reach.

$105 for 75 min.

$125 for 90 min.

Relax and Unwind Massage

It is important not only feel good physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Swedish massage is the most popular services because it promotes overall wellness while helping your body relax, release tension and reduce stress levels.

$100  for 75 min.

$120 for 90 min.

Facial Rejuvenation

A relaxing and uplifting combination of massage cupping, Frankincense and Rose Essential Oils and hot towels to increase circulation, tighten facial muscles, improve lymphatic drainage and help reduce your TMJ tightness and headaches or migraines. 

$80 for 45 min.

$65  for 30 min.

Mommy and Me Massage

Pregnancy should be an exciting time. In reality, it’s a pain in the neck, low back, hips, feet and countless other areas. A prenatal massage will help relieve the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing in your pregnancy and get excited about your new addition to your family. This session is performed side lying and with plenty of pillows to ensure the safety and comfort of both mom-to-be and baby.

$110 for 60 min.


Enhance Your Massage Sessions

HOT Synergy Stones

Used during your massage session to work through your tired and sore muscles, enhancing your relaxation and depth of your massage session.




Helpful for pain reduction and relaxation, using cups to loosen up your fascia and muscles with negative pressure to promote nutrient rich blood flow to the area and encourage healing.



Body Brushing

Gentle exfoliation of your body with a dry brush to encourage circulation and movement of lymph leaving your skin feeling soft and luxurious! The dry brush is yours to keep and use at home. With continued home use, you can enjoy the benefits of healthier and smoother skin.



Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatment

An amazing treat for your hands and feet! Warm paraffin wax for your dry and rough hands and heels is added to your massage! Ahhhh, your hands and feet will thank you!



Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Natural and organic essential oils blended with a carrier oil to provide greater relaxation and therapeutic benefits to your massage session.



Reservation/Re-scheduling policy

A credit card number will be required to HOLD your appointment, but will only be charged if you fail to give 12 hours’ notice. If you must reschedule your appointment, please do so within 12 hours. Failure to reschedule within 12 hours will result in an automatic charge of $50 for each appointment reservation. The rescheduling fee must be paid before your next service. If you have a gift certificate, the $50 rescheduling fee still applies. Please remember that even one missed appointment can greatly affect expected results/goals.

Hot Towels included in ALL services and packages

Prices subject to change with out notice.