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Below we interview Grace McDonald, Massage Therapist in Queensbury, NY about her journey in massage therapy!

It is clear that Grace loves her job (and she really is ahh-mazing at it!) As a certified Massage Therapist, she offers a variety of services including deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, aromatherapy, HOT Synergy Stone massages, and everything in between.

It was fun getting to speak with her. Get to know Grace a little more in our interview below!

Graceful Touch Massage Therapy - Queensbury, NY

When did you start massage therapy?

“I started doing massage therapy in 2015 and have LOVED it ever since. When I learned the many, many benefits of massage therapy sessions, I knew that I was doing what I was meant to do.”

On Site Massage Therapist serving Glens Falls, Lake George, and Queensbury, NY

What massage school did you go to?

“I went to CNW (Center for Natural Wellness) a school for massage therapy in Albany. I did the FULL-time program and next to giving birth to my BEAUTIFUL baby girl, it was THE HARDEST thing I’ve ever done. It was very worth it though!”

Scalp Massage at Graceful Touch Massage Therapy

What techniques of massage are your favorite?

“I FIRMLY believe in affecting the nervous system of my clients. It’s what controls almost all the other systems of the body, so my intent is to turn off the “fight or flight” nervous system and turn on the “rest and digest” system by using various techniques such as long fluid strokes, applying heat, slight shaking or vibrations, kneading of the muscles, HOT Synergy Stones, cupping, aromatherapy and the list can go on…to help achieve that goal. They’re ALL my favorite to use.” (See full list of massage services here!)

Glens Falls Massage Therapist Helps Reduce Pain

Why did you want to become a massage therapist?

“I wanted to become a massage therapist because I’ve ALWAYS loved receiving massage and schedule REGULAR massage therapy sessions for myself today. Whatever issues I was having, whether it was high stress levels that caused tension in my muscles or high pain levels due to overworking my muscles or repetitive movements that started to bother me, I always felt so much better after my massage therapy session. I wanted to help others to feel the way I felt and decided to become a massage therapist.”

What is your most popular service and/or package?

“My most popular service is the Therapeutic Touch Massage which incorporates heated rice packs/hot packs, a weighted blanket, biofreeze and some trigger point therapy. I also have massage packages that are AMAZING! But, I have to say that my “Melt Away” package is by far the most popular. It’s 2 hours of the most AMAZING experience that anyone can ever have!”

How do your customers typically feel before and after meeting w/ you?

“Before getting on the MOST COMFORTABLE massage table you’ll ever lay on, my clients typically are stressed to the limit due to work and life. The stress they’re under leaves them with very tight muscles that cause them to feel pain and exhaustion. AFTER their session, their whole demeanor typically changes into one of feeling “light” and “fluid” and the most relaxed they’ve ever felt. Their pain levels are dramatically decreased and they didn’t know their bodies could even feel that way. It’s truly an honor to witness these changes in my clients.”

Massage Therapist Queensbury NY

What are you looking forward to in your business?

“I’m looking forward to giving the BEST customer experience to everyone every time they walk through my door and growing my business working with the nurses, teachers and office workers in my community. These are some of the most giving people I have the honor of meeting and working with. They put themselves last which leaves them depleted, exhausted and stressed. To work with them as they see the benefits of REGULAR massage therapy sessions and to help them feel so much better than when they walked into my office is the greatest honor I can receive in my business.”

Glens Falls Massage

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Make sure to take care of yourself during these unchartered times! And after all of this, Grace will be here to help you reduce your stress, ease your pain and bring you some relief with therapeutic massage.  

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Relaxing Massage Therapy in Queensbury, NY Near Lake George, Glens Falls, and Saratoga, NY

From Grace in response to COVID-19:

“My very valued and appreciated client,

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and say that I hope that you’re okay. For a time, our way of life that we know it will be altered due to COVID-19.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I’m eagerly looking forward to working with you again as soon as I’m able to open my door. Please stay healthy and safe. I will be checking in with you via email and sending you some tips on self-care, motivational quotes and some brief words to offer encouragement if needed.” -Be Well, Grace

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